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Is My Child Too Ill To Attend School?

If you've asked yourself this question ... join the club! Hopefully the following guidelines will help you in your decision.

FEVER: 100 degrees or higher

Fever is a sign of illness. A child with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher should NOT attend school. Your child should be fever free (without the aid of Tylenol or Motrin) for 24 hours before returning to school.


Minor cold symptoms are common and usually don't interfere with school attendance. A persistent, frequent cough and/or constant nasal drainage may affect your child's performance at school, and he/she may be more comfortable at home.


A rash may cover the entire body or only one area. A child that has a rash that is draining, has open areas or is causing the child to itch excessively should not attend school. A rash accompanied with other symptoms such as fever, sore throat, irritability, vomiting, etc. should not attend school.


A child who has vomited should wait 24 hours and be able to retain solid foods before returning to school. A child who is having frequent diarrhea stools should not atttend school. If there is cramping/abdominal pain with diarrhea, the student may be more comfortable at home.


A child who wakes up with their eyes "glued"or "matted" together may have "pink eye" or conjunctivitis. Other symptoms are redness (or pink) of the eye, gritty feeling in the eyes, itching,and discharge of the eye. We are unable to determine here at school whether it is viral or bacterial pink eye or even if it is contagious or non-contagious. This must be done by a doctor. Please keep in mind that "pink eye is highly contagious and we need to work together to prevent an entire classroom from exposure. Your child needs to stay home on medication for 24 hours before returning to school.



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